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Ancient Egyptian Period and Culture

Ancient Egypt Film Site

Provides overviews of movies that have prominently featured Egyptology, ancient Egypt, monuments, and archaeological sites.

Ancient Egypt Site

Contains resources for reading materials about the history, language, monuments, and culture of early Egypt.

Ancient Egyptian Priest Settlement Uncovered

Press release about the uncovered dwellings buried in the desert sand of Tuna el-Gebel.

BBC News: Egypt’s Treasure in Danger

Presents a news article about ancient monuments under threat and the call for the advocacy of preserving them.

BBC News: Pharaonic Tomb Find Stuns Egypt

News article about the discovery of a previously unknown tomb containing human remains located in the Valley of the King.

BBC News: World: Middle East Golden Hopes from Pharaoh’s Map

News article about archaeologists searching for gold in Egypt using an old map believed to have been drawn by ancient King.

Date Converter for Ancient Egypt

Calculates and converts calendar dates in Greek and Demotic Papyri form Egypt into Julian dates. Also contains a Macedonian calendar.

Polish information provider of various aspects of Egyptology. Also contains history of study in ancient Egypt by the Polish people.

Egypt Archive

Features readings about museums, ancient structures and monuments, history and culture, and prominent figures of ancient Egypt.

Egyptian Royal Tombs of the New Kingdom

Detailed account about the structures of the tombs of Kings from ancient Egypt.

Egyptologists' Electronic Forum

Offering information about this membership email list for discussion of all things Egyptology related.

Further Observations Concerning the Valley of the Kings

Article discussing retrospective views and findings from the tombs and the valley in general.

Giza Archives Project

Contains resources on archaeological activities conducted in the Giza Necropolis. Also features Egyptology news and archives.

Hatshepsut: From Queen to Pharaoh

Discusses the exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art highlighting the art created during the reign of the female pharaoh.

Late Predynastic and Early Dynastic Egypt

Details history and archaeology of the ancient periods. Also contains articles, news, and image galleries.


Contains information about monuments and mysteries from ancient Egypt. Also discusses the religion, history and culture of the early Egyptian people.

Saqqara Online

Contains information about reports and Egyptology brought by the Leiden Excavations in the New Kingdom necropolis at Saqqara.

Secrets of the Pharaohs

Discusses information about the ancient kings, dynasties, and documentaries about them. Also contains findings from scientific researches.

The Shaft, The Subway, and The Causeway

Contains references about the alleged existence of an underground network of passages and chambers under the Giza plateau.

Some Observations Concerning Uninscribed Tombs

Presents a document about tombs with no inscriptions located in the Valley of the King.

Sounds of Ancient Egypt

Discusses deciphering of hieroglyphics by a classical violinist using comparison between Egyptian and modern lyrics.

Spirit and Stone

Presents photos, maps, diagrams, and readings about the Sphinx, the pyramids, stone structures, and temples of ancient Egypt.

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