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Archaeology Organizations in United States

Alabama Archaeological Society

Non-profit organization promotes conservation and preservation of archaeological sites, records, and resources.

American Cultural Resources Association

Serves the needs of cultural resources industry, promotes public awareness, and provides educational training and opportunities.

American Philosophical Society

Organization promotes useful knowledge in sciences and humanities through research and resources.

American Rock Art Research Association

Organization supports rock art research, conservation and education.

Archaeological Society of Southern Florida

Helps promote knowledge and appreciation of native archaeological and historical sites.

Archeological Society of Maryland, Inc.

Organization studies and conserves archaeological resources, develops opportunism and disseminates information on buried heritage.

Archeological Society of Virginia

Promotes study of archaeology, proper conservation and exploration of sites and materials through publications, meetings, lectures, and exhibits.

Arizona Archaeological Society

Includes information on current archaeological research and preservation.

Biblical Archaeology Society of New York

Non-sectarian educational group presents lectures on the aspects of ancient Near Eastern archaeology, history and literature.

Bureau of Archaeological Research

Manages, preserves, and interprets Florida's archaeological sites.

Center for American Archeology

Discovers and disseminates unwritten story of earlier American ways of life, accomplishments, and changing natural environment.

Colorado Archaeological Society

Provides information on member chapters, recent projects, activities, and opportunities.

Council for West Virginia Archaeology

Provides resource for understanding prehistory and history of West Virginia, materials, articles, and links.

Council of Virginia Archaeologists

Preserves and studies archaeological resources, fosters public awareness and advances knowledge on archaeology.

El Paso Archaeological Society

Consists of avocational and professional archaeologists working towards the preservation of cultural resources. Meetings, museums, local rock art, scholarships, field trips and links are also available.

Friends of America's Past

Tax-exempt organization promotes and advances scientific information on issues and implications, news, and understanding on the earliest Americans.

Funk Foundation

Generates fund for support of archaeological research on the prehistoric and contact periods.

Greater St. Louis Archaeological Society

Promotes and records discovery of Missouri archaeology, collection and cataloging of artifacts and sites, and preserves maps.

Houston Archeological Society

Society promotes information and ideas on archaeology, supports publication, and sponsors educational projects and activities.

Loveland Archaeological Society

Educational organization promotes study of archaeology, and focuses on ethical and legal guidelines on collecting cultural artifacts, record keeping and documentation.

Massachusetts Archaeological Society

Helps preserve and study archaeological heritage, cultural history, sites, artifacts, and collection of specimens.

Missouri Archaeological Society

Society promotes constructive public attitude to collecting and reporting artifacts, and helps record, preserve, and display sites and remains for educational information.

Mud and Muck Society

Team collects archaeological artifacts and remains through hunting, recording, and studying past.

National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers

Association carries out national historic preservation, and helps locate and record historic resources.

New Hampshire Archaeological Society

Introduces officers and details meetings, archaeological month activities, and events.

New Jersey's Historic Preservation Office

Preserves, protects and promotes historic resources, and restores information and guidance.

New Mexico Archaeological Council

Provides access to information on archaeological theory, prehistoric agriculture, dating techniques, and prehistoric and historic ceramics.

Pacific Coast Archaeological Society

Preserves and protects cultural resources of southern California, focusing on Orange County. Includes general meeting and field schedules, membership, newsletter, scholarships and grants application. Located in Costa Mesa.

The Powell Archaeological Research Center

Preserves and studies archaeological sites in the metro St. Louis area. Includes membership information, recent research, and events.

Pre-Columbian Society at the University of Pennsylvania Museum

Group of amateurs and professionals studies indigenous people of the New World, cultures and descendents.

Rock Art Foundation

Organization promotes conservation and study, education and preservation on remains, limestone canyons and rock shelters.

Santa Fe National Forest Site Stewards

Collects heritage resources and archaeological sites from many cultures and historical remains.

Savannah River Archaeological Research Program

Integrates cultural resource management, research and public education, and emphasizes archaeological sites as environmental resource.

Society for California Archaeology

Understands, interprets and conserves California's heritage, and seeks to increase public appreciation and support for archaeology.

Society for Commercial Archaeology

Organization devoted to buildings, artifacts, structures, signs, and landscapes.

Southwest Archaeological Team

Provides information on various projects, and members excavating archaeological sites, survey and artifact analysis.

Underwater Archaeological Society of BC

Investigates and documents underwater wrecks, cultural remains, and items of archeological interests.

Vermont Archaeological Society

Non-profit organization protects its valuable resources from injury and exploitation, and embraces interests of prehistoric, historic, underwater, and industrial archaeology.

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