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Archaeology Organizations

Andover Foundation for Archaeological Research (AFAR)

Nonprofit scientific organization established to undertake archaeological research with the involvement of local communities and the public.

Arid Climate, Adaptation, and Cultural Innovation in Africa

Focuses research activities on the arid zones of northeastern and southwestern Africa, and committed to preservation of African culture and history.

Association for Roman Archaeology

Spreads knowledge of the Roman civilization, presents sites and collections, and advances education on history and archaeology.

Bradshaw Foundation

Focuses on archaeology, anthropology and genetic research, and works to discover, document and preserve ancient rock art around the world, as well as promote the study of early mankind's artistic achievements.

Center for Archaeological Research in Arequipa

Non-profit organization conducts archaeological research and public education, and preserves Arequipa and surrounding areas of Southern Peru.

CenturyOne Foundation, Inc.

Offers funding to archaeological projects, historical and biblical research, lectures and symposiums, publications and education.

Donetsk Center of the Institute of Oriental Studies

Studies ancient and medieval archaeology, history, and cultural studies.

Heritage Education Programs

Explores programs and heritage education, and uses mystery and discovery of archaeology in teaching.

Institute of Archaeomythology

International organization fosters cultural research, beliefs, rituals, and social structure of past and present.

Institute of History, Archaeology, and Education

Increases public awareness of the benefits of history and archaeology.

Precolumbian Art Research Institute

Supports and carries research and exploration of Mesoamerican civilizations, art, archaeology and glyphic texts and ancient monuments.

Scientific Methodologies Applied To Cultural Heritage

Promotes, coordinates, and encourages initiatives in research to cultural heritage, and places works on historical context.

Society for American Archaeology

Research, interprets, and protects archaeological heritage, resources and materials of the Americans.

Society for Historical Archaeology

Focuses on European exploration, promotes research on historical archaeology, and identifies, excavates, interprets and conserves sites and materials on land and underwater.

Society for Industrial Archeology

Studies, interprets, and preserves historically significant industrial sites, structures, artifacts, and technology.

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