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Alternative South American Archaeology - Nazca Lines

  • BBC: The Lost City of Nasca

    Article discussing remnants of the ancient people, with highlights on human remains, and the etched straight lines and geometric shapes on the surface of a desert.

  • Mystery of the Nazca Lines and Geoglyphs

    Provides details about the startling sights of the desert plateau found in Peru. Includes photo images and charts.

  • Nazca Lines: Creation of a Full-Sized Duplicate

    Contains an article that discusses the theories, conclusions, and opinions on the existence of the figures etched across the desert.

  • Project Nasca-Palpa

    Displays a photogrammetric reconstruction of the geoglyphs of Nasca and Palpa. Includes description of the lines, history of investigations, goals of the project, and results.

  • Skeptic’s Dictionary: Nazca Lines

    Discusses the theories of the geoglyphs and geometric clearings' existence in the Peruvian desert.

  • Survive 2012: The Nazca Lines

    Provides description of the Peruvian plain, the lines and figures, and formulated theories. Includes photos and a map illustration.

  • UnMuseum: The Lines of Peru

    Contains an article discussing the plain, the figures, history of investigations, and formulated theories.

  • World Theories: Nazca Lines

    Elaborates description of the plain and the proposed theories. Includes photos and views of satellite images.

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