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Alternative Egyptian Archaeology Pyramids

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Differently held ideas for the creation and thought on the Egyptian Pyramids.
  • Architect’s Plan: Unraveling Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Design

    Contains essays providing details and analysis of the interior design of the Red, Bent, Khafre, and Khufu pyramids.

  • Geopolymer Institute: Category Pyramids

    Presents three separate articles discussing what the pyramids are made of. Also features an article about hieroglyphs on the surface of these structures.

  • Giza, Center of the Earth

    Details the theory and also the calculations that distinguished the Great Pyramid to be in the center of all land areas on the planet.

  • Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association

    Serves as a resource for facts regarding the ancient structures, their history, remnants, and researches. Also includes details on news, books, and other products.

  • Great Pyramid Upper Passage

    Contains discussion and analysis on the ancient structure using mathematical, scientific, and theological perspectives.

  • Pyramid Matrix

    Provides examples of ancient monuments and their location with regards to latitude and longitude. Also contains articles and resources useful for further studies.

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