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Alternative Egyptian Archaeology Pyramids

Architect’s Plan: Unraveling Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Design

Contains essays providing details and analysis of the interior design of the Red, Bent, Khafre, and Khufu pyramids.

Enterprise Mission: A Secret Tunnel Being Excavated

Presents an article discussing a preliminary report of activities on a research expedition in Giza, Egypt.

Geopolymer Institute: Category Pyramids

Presents three separate articles discussing what the pyramids are made of. Also features an article about hieroglyphs on the surface of these structures.

Giza, Center of the Earth

Details the theory and also the calculations that distinguished the Great Pyramid to be in the center of all land areas on the planet.

Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association

Serves as a resource for facts regarding the ancient structures, their history, remnants, and researches. Also includes details on news, books, and other products.

Great Pyramid Upper Passage

Contains discussion and analysis on the ancient structure using mathematical, scientific, and theological perspectives.

World Mysteries: The Great Pyramid

Features articles describing the structure, its location on the map, statistics, calculations, and description of its constituent parts.

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