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Alternative Egyptian Archaeology

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Artifacts, remnants, discussions, and alternative views to what is thought about Egypt, the Pyramids and Sphinx.
  • Ascending Passage

    Provides a discussion and photos of artifacts and remnants of the ancient world. Also contains links to articles related to the city, its antiquity, and mysteries.

  • Historical: A New Chronology

    Features a synopsis of David Rohl’s work, “A Test of Time". Contains an analysis of findings on ancient Egypt.

  • Labyrinth

    Features an article by Patrick Geryl and Gino Ratinckx, discussing the findings of the lost Egyptian structures using the help of star signs.

  • Makram, Rizq

    Contains discussion on the discoveries of the ancient world and its analysis.

  • Robert Bauval

    Author of "The Orion Mystery" presents articles and research into the mysteries of the pyramids and Ancient Egypt.

  • Sightings: Ancient Metropolis Hidden Under Giza

    Discusses an early civilization and mythology, and findings of a subterranean complex beneath the pyramids.

  • Sphinx Stargate

    Presents information on topics related to archaeoastronomy, with highlights on astral phenomena.

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