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Findings and analysis for an alternative view of archaeoastronomy are included here.
  • Archaeoastronomy Pages by James Q. Jacobs

    Contains photos, essays, references, and resources on ancient civilizations, artworks, anthropology, and astronomy.

  • Archaeogeodesy

    Contains discussions on the area of study that encompasses prehistoric and ancient place determination and measurement, and the results of findings and studies.

  • Astrocrud

    Discusses astronomical evidences, theories, and analysis of astrological claims.

  • Architectural Survey of Borobudur's Summit

    Presents information and discussion about sacred monuments and places, early history, prominent figures, and religion in Indonesia.

  • Erection of the Holy Cross: The Sacred Geometry of Global Change

    Describes the Holy Cross as a spiritual and astronomical symbol used to explain astrological occurrences.

  • Gilded Butterfly

    Presents and discusses locations of megalithic holy places. Also contains reports on geological analysis.

  • Review-Essay of Mayan Prophecies

    Present’s John Major Jenkins’s book review and criticism on Gilbert and Cotterell’s work.


    Contains resources about astroarchaeology, history, and mythology of ancient civilizations.

  • Sky Disc

    Contains discussion, hypotheses, and theories about the Nebra star cluster.

  • Symbolic Messengers

    Displays images of rare coins, astronomical and archaeological photos, and includes details about Archaeological research.

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