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Science and Religion

  • Alliance of Religions and Conservation

    Secular body that helps the major religions of the world to develop their own environmental programmes, based on their own core teachings, beliefs and practices. Features extensive articles, resources and project information for each of the major faiths.

  • Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences

    International nonprofit organization conducts research and public service in an effort to bridge the gap between theology and religion.

  • Closer to Truth

    Television series exploring issues of religion, the universe, consciousness and the mind, and life purpose and meaning.

  • Counter Balance

    Interactive library presents materials that offer new views and perspectives on science, ethics, philosophy, and religion.

  • Counterbalance Meta Library

    Shared collection of topics, definitions, audio and video clips depicting the constructive interaction of science, ethics, philosophy, and religion.

  • Dimery

    Contains articles, reviews, and other reading materials that discuss the relationship of science and religion.

  • Faith and Reason

    PBS documentary provides information on evolution, genetics, cosmology, technology, and the future.

  • Institute on Religion in an Age of Science (IRAS)

    Learn about the advocacy, goals, and activities of IRAS, a center working for the dynamic and positive relationship between religion and science.

  • John Templeton Foundation

    Pursuing research at the boundary between science and religion.

  • Metanexus Institute

    Create an enduring intellectual and social movement by collaborating with persons and communities from diverse religious traditions and scientific disciplines.

  • Natural Theology

    Aticles and resources to converge the studies of religion and science.

  • Religion and Ecology

    Understand various associations between science and religion in this presentation about Earth and its creator.

  • Science and Religion

    Contains articles, images, and bibliographies exploring the links, inconsistencies, arguments, contradictions, and other particulars abounding science and religion.

  • Science and Religion Forum

    Promotes discussion between scientific understanding and religious thought.

  • Science vs Religion: Two Paths to Truth?

    Article compares the two ways of determining the truth in relation to the creation stories, miracles and the Gospels.

  • Zygon Center for Religion and Science

    Partnership program of the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago and the Center for Advanced Study in Religion and Science. Aims to the bring scientists, theologians, and other scholars to a discussion on relationship of religion and science.

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