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Forensic Science DNA

Automated DNA Comparison Software

Highlights the software company offering products used for identifying victims in a mass scale.

The Complexity of DNA Testing

Explains the issues and complications when attempting to use DNA for identifying corpses.

The DNA Files

Interesting hands-on workshops for both individual and group designed to teach DNA and genetic information.

DNA Forensics Problem Set

Discusses the use of RFLP methods to characterize human DNA samples.

DNA Unraveled

Presents an article discussing the disadvantages and advantages of DNA technologies.


Provides quick and accurate DNA test results. Offers private home DNA paternity collection kits, family relationship testing, child support paternity test, standard and non-invasive DNA paternity testing.


Collection of interviews and examples of DNA evidences used on legal cases.

Hope Hall DNA Action Memorial

Discusses how DNA solved the rape and murder crime of Hope Denise Hall.

Investigation of Forensic Evidence

Explains the issues and shows checklists of DNA results in the courtroom.

Pacific Biosciences

Biotechnology company working to build the first single-molecule, real-time DNA sequencing platform. Includes technology overview as well as possible applications of the product.

Paternity Testing

Provides information on DNA testing, legal reasons, gender prediction tests, and prenatal testing.

True Crimes - Investigations & DNA

Discusses the technological development, concepts, and application of DNA.

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