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Online Units of Measurement Calculators


Site for conversions and calculations. Converts various measurements including volume, weight, area, density, and financial figures. Presents conversion tables.


Free online calculators for mobile phones and PDAs including fitness and financial calculators.

Calculate Something

Collection of online calculators ranging from VAT to percentages and journey cost.

Calculate What?

Features a variety of online calculators enabling users to solve countless problems for free.

The Calculator Site

Provides financial calculators, imperial to metric converters, and other calculation tools for general use.

Online calculator directory offering calculations and conversions for all units of measurement.

Online measurement conversion tools. Converts units from or to British Imperial and US derivatives.

Digital Dutch Unit Converter

Simply convert units of length, distance, density, bits, bytes, force, mass, power, pressure, speed, temperature, and volume.

Easy Calculation

Holds free online calculation and conversions.


Free online conversion calculators for metric units, currency, and GPA. Includes algebraic steps and user favorites.

Offers calculators, tables, and formulas for temperature, length, area, volume, and weight metric conversions.

NIST Conversion Factors for Energy Equivalents

Online converter for units of energy.

Online Measurement Converters and Calculators

Collection of web-based converters, calculators, and unit measurement translators. Includes a 5 scale temperature converter, area calculator, area volume generator, and binary converter.

Offers thousands of conversions for almost every unit of measurement. Also offers a free conversion software for Windows users.

World Wide Metric

Web-based conversion calculator for length, weight, volume, and pressure measurements.

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