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Standard Units of Measurement Reference

  • All Measures

    Offers a large conversion table, an online converter of units of measure.

  • British Weights and Measures Association

    Advocacy group promoting British weights and measures instead of using a compulsory use of metric system.

  • Celsius-Fahrenheit Converter

    Easily convert between Celsius, Fahrenheit, Centigrade and Kelvin with this free online tool.


    Online conversions calculator for a variety of unit measurements featuring natural language queries.

  • English Weights and Measures

    Information on Imperial weights and measures.

  • Math Connect

    Online source for metric conversions and other various types of calculations.

  • Metric Conversion Tables

    Free online resource useful in converting measurement units into their metric derivatives.

  • NIST International System of Units

    Provides a reference on constants, units, and uncertainty.

  • NWML: Metric Conversions

    FAQ sheet published by the UK National Weights and Measures Laboratory. Answers questions related to metric conversions and the units of measurement no longer used for trade.

  • SI Metric

    Table of metric conversions with details on scientific notations and SI unit descriptions.

  • Unit of Measure Conversion Equivalences

    Provides information about the international system of units (SI), SI prefixes, fundamental physical constants, and SI base and derived units.

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