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Free Access Online Science Archives

Academic Archive Online

Search for theses, dissertations, and other scholarly publications in full text.

ACM Digital Library

Full text of every article ever published by ACM and bibliographic citations from major publishers in computing.

Computer Science Technical Reports

Registration-based and searchable archive of computer science technical reports and papers.

Cryptology ePrint Archive

Provides access to recent cryptology research materials. Submissions, revisions, or withdrawal of papers also accommodated.

Digital Library Archives

Service from Virginia Tech University offers scholarly publications, electronic journals, book collections, manuscripts, and more.

Digital Library of Information Science and Technology

Skim through collections of articles, statistics, abstracts, papers, and other academic documents in huge cross-institutional archive.

Digital Library of the Commons

Portal to a variety of international literature and research materials on the Commons.

E-Prints in Library and Information Science

Open access archive for published and unpublished scientific and technical documents.

Free Medical Journals

Promotes and makes available important medical journals online, free and in full-text.

Information Bridge

Free public access to full text documents and bibliographic citations of the Department of Energy.

Organic ePrints

International free access archive of papers related to organic agriculture research.


Online library for reprints in the philosophy of science offered as a free service. Facilitates the communication and dissemination of recent study or research works.


Free full-text archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature at the U.S. National Institutes of Health's National Library of Medicine.

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