Directory of Educational Physics Software

Physics Educational Software

  • Algodoo

    A physics-based 2D sandbox freeware from Algoryx Simulation AB.

  • Ceres Physics Software

    Educational software for high school Physics students. Includes a study guide as well as several activities for teachers and students.

  • Interactive Physics

    Educational software that makes it easy to observe, discover, and explore the physical world through exciting simulation.

  • Maplesoft

    Computational physics software package.

  • PhET

    Free science and math simulations for teaching STEM topics, including physics.

  • Physics Academic Software

    Collaborates with the the American Institute of Physics, the American Physical Society, and the American Association of Physics Teacher to provide education software for the physics teaching community.

  • Physics Cheat Sheet DEMO 1.2

    An interactive physics package that helps students solve and visualize numerous physics equations.

  • Physics Educational Software for Your Browser

    HTML5/JavaScript web apps by Daniel V. Schroeder.

  • Physiki

    Downloadable kinematic graph applications and other related educational tools.

  • Projectile Motion Calculator

    Tool that helps analyze the parabolic projectile motion.

  • Solve Elec

    Educational electricity software for circuit analysis and resolution.

  • The Virtual Physical Laboratory

    A suite of 370 interactive physics simulations.

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