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Time Travel Relativity Physics

Chronos Shrugged: The World of Time Travel

Showcases the myths, psychology and ethical questions to time traveling.

Chronos: The Future of Time Travel

Discusses the uses of timegates, shows parallel timeline details, and describes interspatial teleportation.

Endeavor Into Time

Details the applications and uses of wormholes and black holes as means for time travel.

The Future of Time Travel

Showcases guides to teleportation and temporal phasing; and the highlights of nine-dimensional reality.

Getting In A Twist Over Time

Discusses gravitational field equation, closed time-like loops, and cosmic strings.

Instructions for Meeting Time Travelers

Compiles details on the speculations of future laws.

NOVA Online-Time Travel

Compiles notes on the interview with astronomer and Pulitzer Prize-winner, Carl Sagan.

Quantum Time Travel

Discusses the possibility of wormholes, superposition, time translation and stasis field.

Space-Time Physics and the Future of Time Travel

Reports on researches done relating to black holes, wormholes, time dilation factor, and gravity.

Tachyon Pistols

Presents diagrams and resources explaining traveling faster-than-light.

Tachyons, Time Travel, and Divine Omniscience

Discusses the philosophy of science and religion; and explores theological fatalism.

Taking the Cosmic Shortcut

Shows resources and research links to the theory of gravitation, black holes, wormholes, and negative energy.

Time Loops

Presents the interview with Paul Davies explaining Newtonian mechanics and quantum computations relevant to time travel theories and concepts.

Time Travel - A Discussion

Discusses hyperspace, space-time continuum, black holes, wormholes, parallel universes, quarks, tachyons, quantum and super string theories relating to time travel theories and concepts.

Time Travel - Fact or Fiction

Explains the paradigm of time traveling including conservation laws and general relativity paradoxes.

Time Travel and Modern Physics

Discusses the paradoxes and contradictions of time traveling.

The Time Travel Fund[tm]

Explains the membership benefits, discusses the mission of the organization, and shows educational resources about time travel.

Time Travel Institute

Discusses theories and concepts about the astrophysical theory, shows merchandise for sale, and compiles media resources.

Time Travel Reality

Presents an article discussing scientific concepts and hypothesis relevant to the physical phenomena.

Time Travel: Is It Possible

Shows excerpts of the interview with Steven Gibbs; and discusses the scientific premises that explain the possibility of time travel based on time warping mechanisms including worm holes, black holes, and cosmic strings.

Time Travel-NA

Discusses the possibility of time traveling and explores the ethical and legal questions relating to the concept.

Traveling Through Time

Explores paradoxes, concepts, and theories regarding time traveling.

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