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Relativity Physics Alternative

A Concept of Space and Time

Explains the evolution of quantized entity in nature significant to the implications in relativity theories.

Access to a Physical Understanding of Gravitation

Explores gravitation ideas and applications in the scientific fields.


Presents the foundations of the aetherometric theory of synchronicity.

Shows experiments, paradoxes, and philosophical details about the alternative relativity theories.

Apparent Lack of Symmetry in Stellar Aberration and Euclidian Space Time

Explores the effect of stellar aberration. Compiles resources and links to support the theories.

CPQM Theory

Provides notes on the experiments on mass variation, ultimate speed, and transverse Doppler Effect based on various physics and quantum mechanics concepts and theories.

Critical Physics

Highlights papers on theoretical physics that are criticized as being inconsitent with the physical philosophies.

Death and Time Travel

Discusses the possibility of time travel without the violation of the physical laws.

Einstein and the Hubble Telescope

Explores the mechanism of light propagation and discusses inconsistencies with the relativity theories.

Einstein's Equivalence Postulate and Spacelike Waves

Explains the study of spacelike wave phenomena and gravitation without the need for Einstein's equivalence postulate.

Euclidean Nature of Space Time-Experimental Proof

Discusses the concepts of stellar aberration which is explained by the principle of constancy of light speed.

Expanding Matrix and the Unification of Dynamics

Examines assumptions about energy, space and time using aspects of Einstein's equivalence principal.

Geometrical Structure of Nature

Discusses the philosophy and methodology of the hypothetical theory.

The Inertial Mass

Presents a model that explains mass in the inertial aspect.

Measuring Time and Other Spatio-Temporal Quantities

Article discussing the measurement of common sense time and spatial distances through the “space-time odometer” and the “light-clock”.

Millennium Relativity

Explores the theory in relativistic physics that shows flaws in the foundations of Einstein's special and general theories of relativity.

On The Likelihood of a Dynamic Center of Mass

Explores the mechanical hypothesis that shows a different interpretation of motion and gravity.

Physics - Electrogravity by Nils Rognerud

Shows theories and applications of the gravitational force.

Physics of the Mysterious

Discusses the alternative theories on Einstein’s relativity equations including channeling, time travel, and paradigm shifts.

Proof of the Falsity of the Special Theory of Relativity

Shows the mathematical proof displaying the falsity of the equations in the special relativity theory.

Pure Classical Physics Replacement for Relativity

Explains the extinction shift principle which is the framework for the Euclidean space geometry computations.

Relativity and Gravitrons

Discusses the energy acceleration within a particle that produces mass and gravity.

Relativity or Ether Theory Wth Propagation of Light

Discusses the analysis done during the Michelson experiment.

Riemann's Geometry and Newton's Gravitation

Explores the inconsistencies of Einstein’s theory of gravitation when expressed as Riemannian geometry.

Spacelike Mappings of the Light Cone

Shows pictures of the lattice-like models that maps space and time.

The Spacetime Phenomena

Explores the calculations, concepts, and theories of the principle of equivalency which stats that inertial and gravitational forces are of the same nature and defined by the same laws.

Special and General Relativity - New Mathematical Formulations

Presents mathematical formulas and developing theories into the relativity theories of Einstein.

Theory for Gravitic Propulsion

Compiles research articles and debate highlights on the theory that is used on various experimentation and prototyping experiments.

Time Travel Institute

Researches on time travel, quantum physics, and temporal displacement theories.

Warp Drive Today

Presents the problems and concepts relating to the physics of the Alcubierre warp drive.

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