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Quantum Mechanics Superstrings Field Theory

Cambridge Relativity : M-Thory

Contains lecture presentations on a non-technical format. Features illustrations and resource links.

The First Superstring Revolution

Contains the opinions of John Schwarz regarding the string theories.

Introduction to Non-Pertubative String Theory

Offers reviews, lecture notes, and resource links to the scientific theory.

Introduction to Superstring Theory

Contains lecture notes on the presentation of the superstring theory from quantization, cancellation, and compactification.

Introduction to Superstring Theory

Proffers papers explaining the advances, timeline, and application of the scientific theory.

Lectures on String Theory in Curved Spacetimes

Investigates the methods in solving string equations when in space-time motion.

Light Cone Quantization

Provides notes on the foundations and applications of the theory.


Discusses the different string, gravity, and m theories. Provides lecture notes and review materials.

The Second Superstring Revolution

Discusses the historical timeline, scientific ideas, and applications of the physical theory.

Superstring Theory

Provides historical timelines and fundamentals of the theory for non-scientists.

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