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Quantum Mechanics Physics Field Theory

Algebraic Quantum Field Theory

Provides literature, theses, and seminar notes relevant to algebraic formulas.

The Casimir Effect

Discusses the equations and applications of the physical energy used separate objects through resonance.

Casimir Effect: Physical Manifestations of Zero-Point Energy

Provides lecture notes highlighting the applications of the physical effect.

Chern-Simons Theory

Gives reports and discusses the applications of the physical theory used to knot and three-manifold invariants.

Evolution of the Bogoluibov Renormalization Group

Contains articles detailing the renormalization group within quantum field theories and provides topics involving the use of the group.

Goldstone Bosons

Proffers examples and notes relating to high energy nuclear and condensed-matter physics using lagrangian treatments.

InterStellar Technologies Corporation

Gives highlights and profile of the company developing technologies applicable to energy production and propulsion.

Introduction to Gauge Theories

Explains theories and equations relevant to quantum gauge fields.

Introduction to Pomerons

Shows notes and summaries of the workshop dealing with diffractive physics.

Introduction to Seiberg-Witten Theory

Offers reviews on the solutions of the supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory and gives discussions on its applications to physical sciences.

Net Advance in Physics - Quantum Field Theory

Contains resources for the quantum theories that affect the physical sciences.

New Developments in the Casimir Effect

Gives details on the experimental and theoretical applications of the scientific effect used for electromagnetic energies.

Noether's Theorem in a Nutshell

Displays equations and resource links for the scientific result derived from any continuous symmetry.

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