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Quantum Mechanics Physics, People

  • Abdus Salam

    Shows the physicist’s biography, lectures, and speeches.

  • Emmy Noether

    Connected symmetry with the physical laws. Presents her Nobel speech.

  • Gerard 't Hooft

    Explained the electroweak interactions.

  • Julian Schwinger

    Formulated the phenomenon of electron-positron pairs known as the Schwinger effect.

  • Lev Landau

    Sites references, quotations, and awards from the scientist.

  • The Nobel Prize in Physics 1927

    Presents the awards merited to Arthur Holly Compton for discovering the Compton effect; and to Charles Thomson Rees Wilson for theorizing the paths of electronically charged particles visible by vapor condensation.

  • The Nobel Prize in Physics 1933\

    Awarded to Erwin Schrödinger and Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac for discovering productive forms of atomic theory.

  • The Nobel Prize in Physics 1945

    Given to Wolfgang Pauli for discovering the exclusion principle.

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