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Individual Physicists

  • Ajay Chaudhari

    Provides educational links on dielectric relaxation, heterogeneous catalytic reaction and finite element method.

  • Alexey Sergeev

    Includes educational background, photos, and list of publications of the postdoctoral researcher.

  • Amara Graps

    Studies concepts and advancements on circumplanetary dust physics, astronomical signal and image analysis.

  • Balaji Shankar

    Shows research experiences, discusses personal life, and presents the university profile of the professor.

  • Barbara De Lotto

    Contains event schedules, presents article archives, and offers resource links.

  • Benedykt Jany

    Presents research portfolio, compiles resources, and shows contact details.

  • Chang Liu and Na Deng

    Compiles photos, shows research highlights, and discusses personal information of the teaching assistant.

  • Chuck Niederriter

    Shows the professor’s academic interests, scientific resource links, and picture galleries.

  • Clare Quarman

    Explains research projects, shows technical tips, and displaysphotograph collections.

  • Colin Baxter

    Explores the professor’s research interests in theoretical physics fields.

  • Colin Baxter

    Homepage of Colin Baxter, theoretical physicist. Research interests include quantum optics, atomic and molecular physics, mechanical effects of radiation (radiation presure).

  • Dario Mitnik

    Researcher on atomic physics, electron impact ionization, excitation and recombination, parallelization of the R-matrix codes, distorted waves method, and time dependent method.

  • Doron Cohen

    Highlights the researches done on quantum mechanics, quantum chaos, theory of driven mesoscopic systems, quantum irreversibility, dissipation and dephasing.

  • Dr. Darkmatter

    Features pictures of astronomical phenomenon, shows research highlights, and provides educational articles.

  • Dr. Iitaka's Home Page

    Explores the researches done in the field of computational physics, quantum physics, earth sciences and mineralogy.

  • Ed Boyden

    Researches on computation and neruoengineering physics.

  • Edward F. Redish

    Discusses projects, classes, and activities relevant to theoretical nuclear physics.

  • Einstein, Albert

    Provides Einstien overview, moments, physics resources, archives, quotations, photo gallery, and related pages.

  • Elena Caceres

    Explains the string theory, gauge/string duality and QCD.

  • Famous Physicists and Astronomers

    Compiles accomplishment details and biographies of the scientific individuals that made an impact to physics and astronomy.

  • Farouk Faris

    Shows games, resources, and educational links relating to biophysics, biomedical engineering, and medical physics.

  • Gennady Miloshevsky

    Presents resources and links relevant to computational fluid dynamics, particle-solid and plasma interaction physics, plasma physics, biophysics of membrane proteins.

  • Greg Kochanski

    Features research results and papers relevant to astrophysics and linguistics.

  • Gregory Falkovich

    Shows course outlines and resources; and compiles publication lists relevant to thermodynamics, statistical physics, and fluid mechanics.

  • Guy Peralta

    Compiles resources and publications on nuclear forces, high energy proton collisions, and the group structure of grand unified theories.

  • Howard Schultz

    Explores environmental monitoring, 3D terrain reconstruction, and improvement of classifier performances.

  • Jean-Pascal Rueff

    Explains basics on x-ray scattering and cryptography, shows physics-related resources, and presents picture galleries.

  • Jens A. Berger

    Discusses the experiments and researches done by the physicist. Also includes publication list of physics-related materials.

  • Jose Mendes

    Focuses on researching the structure and development of communications networks.

  • Kurchatov, Igor

    PBS presents the story of a complex, world-class physicist who became the driving force behind the Soviet Union's race to develop the atomic bomb.

  • Lancaster

    Discusses the highlights of the researches done in the field of plasma physics and controlled thermonuclear fusion.

  • Marcelo Gleser

    Contains teaching resources, shows lecture highlights, and presents research details.

  • Massimiliano Alvioli

    Discusses the theories on Hadronic physics and parallel computations.

  • Matt Young

    Explores the development on the fields of optics, optical communications, and metrology.

  • Oliver Rudzick

    Discusses the interests, work experiences, and educational qualifications of the physicists involved in non-liner dynamics researches.

  • Peter Lynds

    Contains links, resources, and educational materials relating to the physicist’s work on time, Zeno’s paradoxes, and consciousness.

  • Ricardo Ramirez-Gomez

    Discusses features and highlights of the DFE firmware.

  • Rolf Koenenkamp

    Discusses research interests, shows publications, and presents educational resources of the professor from Portland State University.

  • Scientific Explorations And Adventures

    Physicist Paul Doherty offers a listing of science workshops, powerpoints, and science explorations.

  • Space Physics Group at U Washington

    Describes the highlights of the group that studies natural occurances of plasma in the universe.

  • Stephen L. Levy

    Shows the experiences, research areas, and photos of the scientific expert studying particle physics.

  • Sunil Mukhi

    Compiles educational references and links to string theories and topological matrix models.

  • Sven Menke

    Experiments on high-energy physics at the OPAL, BaBar, and Atlas facilities. Research focuses on calorimetry, QCD, and tau-physics.

  • Theodore Liolios

    Expert on pycnonuclear reactions, astrophysical energies, and issues on standard solar models. Shows work achievements and shows resources on the physical concepts.

  • Thomas Nattermann

    Shows the physicist’s talks, publications, and research projects about theoretical and statistical physics.

  • Vladimir Montealegre PhD MBA BSc

    Research interests in Complex Networks and their applications. Interdisciplinary background in physics, business administration and risk management.

  • Volodymyr V. Krasnoholovets

    Researches on the submicroscopic construction of nature. Shows resource links.

  • Wu, Jiun-Huei Proty

    Highlights program codes for cosmology applications, shows research details, and presents resource links.

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