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Neutrino Partical Physics Experiments


Abyss environmental research and astronomy with a neutrino telescope. Aims to use neutrinos as means for studying particle acceleration mechanisms in energetic astrophysical objects.

Booster Neutrino Experiment

Tests for neutrino mass by searching for neutrino oscillations. Site includes technical information, a virtual tour, news, and related links.

Direct Observation of NU Tau

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory experiment focusing on the Tau Neutrino.

Helium Roton Observation of Neutrinos

Research and development project aimed at developing a detector for carrying out experiments in low-energy neutrino physics and astrophysics. Site presents publications as well as information on detector principle.


Neutrino observatory in University of Wisconsin-Madison. Site provides news, multimedia gallery, and information on collaboration and educational outreach.


Homepage of the KEK to Kamioka- Long Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiment. Presents news releases, contact persons, photos, publications, and documents for collaborators.


Scintillation detector and experiment focusing on the precision measurement of neutrino oscillation parameters.


Neutrino scattering experiment that makes use of the NuMI beamline at Fermilab. Aims to measure low energy neutrino interactions to supplement neutrino oscillation experiments and to research the dynamics of the nucleon and nucleus.


Long baseline neutrino oscillation experiment. Aims to study the nature of neutrinos through an artificial neutrino beam generated in a JHF 50GeV high-intensity proton accelerator.

Troitsk Neutrino Mass Experiment

Official website of the experiment presents papers, photos, results, and information on experiment status.

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