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Partical Physics Experiments


Presents the laboratories used for elementary particle physics research.


Facilitates research on experimental medium-energy physics.

Driving Resolution to Noise Limit in Gamma Detectors

Discusses the appropriate circuit modification to improve gamma resolution. Contains figures and conclusion.

H1 Experiment at Hera

Conducts research in the field of high energy physics making use of the H1 Detector, a complex apparatus developed for the detection of particles created during the collision of high energy electrons and protons.

OPAL Experiment at LEP 1989-2000

Particle physics experiment at the world's largest particle physics laboratory involved in the study of particles and their interactions through the analysis of electron-positron collision events.


Lists existing high-energy physics experiments categorized alphabetically.

The ZEUS Experiment

Collaboration of physicists working to advance knowledge of the fundamental particles and forces of nature. Operates a particle detector at the electron-proton collider HERA at the DESY laboratory in Hamburg.

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