Partical Physics Experiments in the Best of the Web Directory

Partical Physics Experiments

  • CLEO

    Presents the laboratories used for elementary particle physics research.


    Facilitates research on experimental medium-energy physics.

  • Driving Resolution to Noise Limit in Gamma Detectors

    Discusses the appropriate circuit modification to improve gamma resolution. Contains figures and conclusion.

  • H1 Experiment at Hera

    Conducts research in the field of high energy physics making use of the H1 Detector, a complex apparatus developed for the detection of particles created during the collision of high energy electrons and protons.

  • OPAL Experiment at LEP 1989-2000

    Particle physics experiment at the world's largest particle physics laboratory involved in the study of particles and their interactions through the analysis of electron-positron collision events.

  • Spires

    Lists existing high-energy physics experiments categorized alphabetically.

  • The ZEUS Experiment

    Collaboration of physicists working to advance knowledge of the fundamental particles and forces of nature. Operates a particle detector at the electron-proton collider HERA at the DESY laboratory in Hamburg.

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