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Mathematical Physics People

  • Baez, John

    Displays articles and research notes about quantum gravity and related scientific theories.

  • Charles Hermite

    Describes the life and works of the mathematician credited with researching number theory, quadratic forms, invariant theory, orthogonal polynomials, elliptic functions, and algebra.

  • Charles-Francois Sturm

    Explains the life of the mathematician who worked and created the Sturm-Liouville equations.

  • Edmond Laguerre

    Explores the life of the scientist credited with developing several theories in geometry and complex analysis.

  • Elie Cartan

    Shows a brief biography and resource links to the credited works of the French mathematician.

  • George Green

    Presents quotations from the writings and articles of the British mathematician who developed the Green's functions used on physics.

  • George Stokes

    Discusses the biography, shows pictures, and presents works of the physicist who made contributions to fluid dynamics.

  • Greg Moore

    Shows research highlights on mathematical structures and applications.

  • Gustav Jacobi

    Discusses the life of the mathematician credited with coordinate transformations.

  • Hermann Hankel

    Shows references and a biography of the mathematician who developed Hankel functions and transform.

  • Jean Delambre

    Analyzed the orbit of Uranus and predicted the possibility of an extra planet in the solar system.

  • Jean Fourier

    Provides details on the mathematician who developed the Fourier series and transforms.

  • Joseph Liouville

    Helped developed the Sturm-Liouville differential equations used on various scientific applications.

  • Nelson, Mark

    Researcher on non-linear chemical dynamics involving the application on bifurcation theory, continuation methods, dynamical systems methodology and singularity theory to practical problems.

  • Symmetry People

    Compiles a list of researchers dealing with experiments on symmetries and integrability.

  • Tierz, Miguel

    Shows publications and resources focusing on the research of Random matrix theory, quantum groups and zeta functions.

  • Vicsek, Tamas

    Specializes on statistical physics research. Shows publication lists and teaching highlights.

  • Vito Volterra

    Presents the scientist’s works on differential equations and mathematical physics.

  • Vladimir I. Arnold

    Contributes to mathematical physics. Shows the scientist’s curriculum vitae, papers, and seminars.

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