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Mathematical Physics Institutions

(Ireland) NUI Galway

Discusses research areas, shows course curriculum, and presents competition guidelines.

(Ireland) University College, Dublin

Provides historical background, course reports, and research highlights.

(Russia) ITEP Mathematical Physics Group, Moscow

Provides research into the quantum field theories. Shows event highlights.

(Sweden) Lund Institute of Technology

Promotes research on the fields of theoretical nuclear physics, elementary particles, thermodynamics, complex systems, and chaos.

(UK) Edinburgh

Displays job opportunities, seminar highlights, and research links.

(UK) North British Mathematical Physics Seminar

Provides highlights of the meetings to promote the development of the scientific field.

(UK) University of Cambridge

Reports on researches done on the field of applied mathematics and theoretical physics.

(UK) University of Portsmouth

Provides project discussions, compiles publication archives, and shows news highlights.

(UK) University of York

Discusses highlights on the researches on the quantum gravity, quantum field theory and integral models, quantum information and foundations of quantum mechanics.

(USA) University of Texas

Displays publications, seminars, and research relating to non-linear dynamics.

Diffiety Institute

Listings of organization activities. Contains photos of lecture sessions.

Group of Mathematical Physics

Provides profile of organization. Aims to develop rigorous numerical methods.

International Association of Mathematical Physics

Promotes research and development of the field. Shows news bulletins, membership lists, and information on organization dues.

Mathematical Physics

Focuses on quantum theory and general relativity. Features related research groups.

Mathematical Physics Group

Teaches quantum field theory, particle theory and related fields. Includes list of research projects.

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