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Mathematical Physics

An Introduction to Noncommutative Geometry

Offers files relating to the application of the geometry theories in the fields of physics.

Bows and Strings

An introduction to the Helmholtz motion: the motion of the bowed string.

Complex Geometry of Nature and General Relativity

Discusses about the holomorphic ideas in general relativity.

Differential Equations and Oscillations

Explains problems in differential equations.

Discrete Self-trapping Equation

Presents articles discussing discrete nonlinear Schrödinger type equations.

Doing Physics with Quaternions

Highlights software that creates animations using quaternion algebra equations.

Euclidean Geometric Transforms for Physics

Explores the methods of correlating formulas using Euclidean geometry theories.

Five Lectures on Soliton Equations

Provides reviews for approaches to soliton equations of KdV types.

Holomorphic Methods in Mathematical Physics

Shows lecture archives discussing holomorphic function spaces used on mathematical physics.

Inexplicable Secrets of Creation

Explains relationships between number theories and physics fields.

Lectures on Orientifolds and Duality

Details the orientifolds applications to duality.

Local Quantum Physics Crossroads

Compiles resources and information for scientists working on problems relating to relativistic quantum physics.

On the Origins of Twister Theory

Explores the approaches for the synthesis of quantum theory and relativity.

Recent Developments in Skyrme Models

Aims to promote the accessibility of mathematical developments to mainstream nuclear and particle physicists.


Compiles resources about the physical wave. Includes movies, papers, and links.

Symplectic Geometries in Quantum Physics and Optics

Explores the comparisons between symplectic and Euclidean or unitary geometries on the fields in quantum physics.

Topology and Physics

Discusses the historical connection between topology and physics fields.

Twistors- What are they?

Contains discussions about the mathematical theories used for mapping geometrical objects.

Week's Finds in Mathematical Physics

Compiles articles and papers discussing topics relating to mathematical physics.

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