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Light and Optics Physics Education

Cool Cosmos

Provides tutorials, games, and graphic galleries related to infrared light.

Fraunhofer Lines

Shows prominent lines in the spectrum of the sun with their respective wavelengths.

Molecular Expressions: Images from the Microscope

Compiles photomicrographs on various items and materials including superconductors, ice cream, and beer.

Oatmeal Box Pinhole Photography

Shows directions on creating a pinhole camera; and on taking and developing pictures.

Optical Fibres Project

Explains fiber optics, reflection, refraction, Snell's Law, total internal reflection and critical angles.

Optics Exercises and Tutorial

Presents sample lecture worksheets relating to the scientific field.

Optics for Kids

Explores the basics of optics for elementary school levels and shows careers in the science and engineering fields.

Polarized Light

Shows myths and truths about polarized lights and materials.

Tux Teaches Photonics

Archives lessons and quizzes about photonics.

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