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Physics Education Interactive Animations

BlackBody Spectrum Applet

Discusses the relationship between wavelength, emitted power, and peak wavelength for a blackbody.

Build a Solar System

Provides an application that tabulate scale models of the solar system. Also includes conversion of distances and speeds.

Galileo and Einstein

Displays applets programmed in Java that shows physics simulations of the scientists’ theories.

Generalized Physics Applets

Provides applets that explain common scientific phenomena.

Gravitational Orbits

Presents demonstrations on Kepler’s law.

How To Teach Statistical Thermal Physics

Shows applets for explaining statistical foundation of thermal physics.

Interactive Color Wheel

Discusses the relationship between color and luma.

Java Applets for Engineering Education

Explains statics, dynamics and fluide dynamics relating to the scientific field.

Nori's Physics Page

Provides simulation of physical concepts including solar system, ideal gas, wave interference, and the Doppler Effect. - Transistorized! Web Site Interactives

Highlights games that explore the development of the transistor technologies.

Physics Flash Animations

Shows animations of physical concepts that are arranged by category. - Interactive Experiments

Shows the development and use of java applets in research relating to physics education.

Powers of 10 - Interactive Java Tutorial

Shows animated photos explaining the physical concepts of the galaxy.

Syracuse Physics Educational Modules and Simulations

Explores the interaction of science theories and computing technologies.

UCI Chemistry - Applets

Discusses and simulates irreversibility, chemical kinetics, the second law of thermodynamics, and ideal atmosphere.

Young's Double Slit Interference

Demonstrates the double slit experiments that produce fringes or wave-like interference patterns on a screen.

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