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Physics Demonstrations University Manuals

Arizona State University - Physics and Astronomy Instructional Resource Team

Shows catalogs of common physics demonstrations in the field of fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, optics, and modern physics.

Auburn University Department of Physics Demonstrations

Compiles demonstrations on astronomy, optics, and mechanics.

Boston University Physics Demo Room

Compiles multimedia and java resources dealing with demonstrations relating to topics in the field of physics.

Brown University Physics Lecture Demonstrations

Discusses purpose, descriptions, and needed equipment; and shows photographs of the demonstrations used in the educational institution.

Columbia University Physics Lecture Demonstrations

Shows photographs and details on the exhibitions used to explore physical phenomena.

Dartmouth Physics and Astronomy - Lecture/Demo Topics

Discusses laboratory exhibitions used discussing physics related topics including optics, mechanics, and thermodynamics.

Idaho State University Physics Demonstrations

Displays the physics demonstrations available for undergraduate students.

Iowa State University Physics and Astronomy Lecture Demonstrations

Discusses setup instructions, shows pictures, and describes lecture demonstrations being used on the university undergraduate programs.

Michigan Technological University Physics Lecture-Demonstration Facility

Shows indexes, book lists, and show schedules.

North Carolina State University Physics Demonstrations Collection

Collection of videos and photos on physics demonstrations, shows vendor lists, and compiles resources.

Purdue University Physics Lecture Demonstrations

Presents ordering information, descriptions, and samples of demonstrations.

Tel Aviv University Physics Demonstration Lab

Discusses physics concepts, shows topic lists, and presents staff profiles.

University at Buffalo, State University of New York Physics Lecture Demos

Contains photographs, descriptions, and availability details of demos.

University of California Berkeley Physics Lecture Demonstrations

Shows program list for experimental illustrations to various physical concepts including optics, waves, and mechanics.

University of California Los Angeles Lecture Demonstration Manual

Contains photographs, descriptions, and drawings of the various exhibitions done to explain the physical laws.

University of Guelph Physics Demonstrations

Contains various catalogs on the different demonstrations for physical concepts and theories.

University of Maryland Physics Lecture Demonstration Facility

Contains photographs, shows videos, and features weekly questions about physical concepts.

University of Melbourne Physics Lecture Demonstrations

Provides compiled catalogs of demonstrations used for physics lecturers during classes; also discusses the apparatuses, arrangements, and operational details.

University of Minnesota Physics Lecture Demonstrations

Contains descriptions, photographs, and video illustrations on the various exhibitions used to explain physical concepts and theories.

University of Montana Physics Demo Room

Explores the institution’s materials used during classes to describe physics phenomena.

University of North Texas Physics Lecture Demonstrations

Provides a manual and shows material lists of the available audiovisual exhibitions.

University of Texas at Austin Physics Lecture Demonstrations

Shows photos, presents descriptions, and contains details of the materials used to demonstrate physical concepts.

University of Virginia Demonstrations

Shows illustrations and descriptions of the various exhibitions explaining the physical laws and concepts.

University of Waterloo Physics Demonstrations

Provides photographs and equipment list of the organization charged with organizing physics-related demos.

University of Wisconsin-Madison: Physics Lecture Demonstrations

Lists demonstrations by course and topic.

Virginia Tech Physics Lecture Demonstrations

Presents physical demonstrations of physical laws including mechanics, heat and thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, and light.

Wake Forest University Physics Online Demos

Contains photographs, descriptions, and videos of demonstrations intended to educate students of physical concepts and laws.

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