Dynamics and Fluid Mechanics Software in the Best of the Web Directory

Dynamics and Fluid Mechanics Software

Advanced Aerodynamics Software

Shows programs that explores the variation of lift, drag, moments and the Fourier coefficients for thin airfoil theory.


Produces programs used to visualize fluid flows.

Analytic and Computational Research, Inc.

Provides application guides, shows company profile, and features software download links.

Cambridge Flow Solutions Ltd.

Showcases aerodynamics and unsteady combustion simulation software.


Presents the company’s thermal and ventilation analysis software products and services based on CFD theories.

Flow Science Incorporated

Shows software computing free surface flows, metal casting, fuel sloshing, ink jets and hydraulics.


Presents the analysis and design of thermal-fluid systems. Shows product information and case study highlights.

Fluid Power Resources

Features resources, software, and data compilation for engineers in hydraulics fields.

GDT Software Group

Presents the software package used for numerical simulation of processes involving gas-dynamics.

Hanley Innovations

Features design and analysis software for aerodynamic concepts. Shows purchasing information and customer support details.


Discusses hull resistance and presents values of the optimum LCB, Cp and LCF.

Icepak Electronics Cooling Software

Shows the air flow and heat transfer predictions relevant to the component, board, and cabinet levels.


Features a design and automation software for use on computational fluid dynamics applications.


Presents simulations of processes involving fluid flows, heat transfers, and chemical reactions.

Pipe Pressure Loss Calculator

Contains tools, programs, formulas, and tables on the calculation of pressure lose in pipes.

The Visu Project

Shows technical documentations, screenshots, and highlights of the program that simulates scientific data.

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