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Alternative Gravitation Physics

Abolish a Force

Shows an article discussing on how gravity could be accounted for by nuclear forces.

Explores the fundamental reasons for gravity and how it is caused by universal movements.

Dipole AntiGravity

Presents physical theories explaining the anti-gravity phenomenon.

Galactic Gravitation Calculator

Shows illustrations explaining the orbits on spiral galaxies without the need for dark matter.

Gravitational Force Vectoring

Highlights creation of gravity using energy conservation and quantum mechanics. Compiles links to related events and resources.

Gravity - the Process of Acceleration

Shows illustrations and articles explaining the theory of Dr. Samuel V. Miensinompe on relative space-time.

Gravity Made Simple

Describes gravity based on time and motion; and the superstring theory.

The Gravnetic Field

Discusses the existence of a vector field which explains moving masses through the exertion of force on other moving masses.

Is Gravity Caused by Tension in the Fabric of Space-Time

Explains the gravitational concept of Robert J. Lee contradicting the standard theories.

Process and Installation for Generating a Gravitational Field

Explores the Tornado Principle, shows the device’s patent application, and presents diagrams.

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