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Topology Knot Theory

A Circular History of Knot Theory

Provides a brief history, diagrams, and the discussion on the knots and related links.

Cook's Borromean Ring Links

Includes a discussion on theorem and conjecture, related links, and pictures. With diagrams for further illustration.

The Geometry Junkyard: Knot Theory

Presents an atlas of oriented knots and links, an article of the nonexistence of Borromean rings, and various other information related to knot theory.

History of Knot Theory

Presents early papers on Knot Theory, provisional bibliographies, and the books and papers relevant to the subject.

Kauffman, Louis H

Provides a personal and professional background of the author. With research areas, notes, tables, and the summations.

The Knot Plot Site

Collection of knots and links, viewed from a mathematical perspective.

Knot Theory

General theory includes algebraic tangle, alternating knot diagram, and the annulus conjecture.

Knot Theory Group University of Liverpool

Research areas include singularity theory and its application, dynamical sytems, knot theory, and the arithmetic and algebraic geometry.

Mathematics and Knots Exhibition

Discussions include an analogy, classifications, invariants, and a history of knots. With acknowledgements and credits.

Morwen Thistlethwaite's Home Page

Contains some domains and limit sets, symmetric links, and symmetric knots. With assorted photos and a biographical summary.

New Knot Tables

Provides a biography of the author, some notations, tables, and conclusions. With references and contact details.

String Figure Mathematics

Highlights the museums and other institutions, with string figure artifacts. Also presents information on the creation of new string figures.

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