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Statistics Math Publications

A New View of Statistics

Features new original approaches to statistics for researchers. Includes updates of research developments.

Briefbook of Data Analysis

Information includes a book covering subjects in statistics, computing, analysis, and related fields. With related links.

Current Index to Statistics

Publishes topics in statistics, probability, and related fields. With a subscription and contact information.

Fundamentals of Statistics

Written and developed by H. Lohninger to be used as lecture notes for various courses and lectures at universities and colleges.

HyperStat Online Statistics Textbook

Introductory statistics text by David Lane, an associate professor of psychology, statistics, and management at Rice University.


Provides a discussion on any statistical research and innovative method. Also shows the prospective authors.

Reversibility and Stochastic Networks

Presents information about the new book published. With a permission for free downloads.

Sequential Simplex Optimization

Offers services in technical installations, project management, and training and courses. Also presents research studies and developments.

The Statistics Homepage

Contains information on the training in the understanding and application of statistics. Also shows the elementary concepts of statistics.


Presents tools for Internet and classroom instruction. Also features review materials.

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