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Statistics Important People

Altham, Pat

Research interests include analysis of discrete data, multivariate analysis, and the generalized linear modeling.

Bailey, R .A.

Provides a list of publications, preprints, current and future talks, and the recent and forthcoming conference organizations.

Bickel, David R.

Shows current research interests, papers and software, and the analysis of gene expression data. Includes other publications.

Dillingham, Peter

Research interests include Bayesian hierarchical information, smoothing techniques, and the categorical data analysis. With the author’s statistics background.

Directory of Academic Statisticians

Search by surname, institution or research interests.

Galton, Francis

Presents the author’s background information and professional achievements. Includes a picture of the author’s wide ranging research program.

Galton, Francis

Shows an outline of Galton’s life and studies. Also presents travels and exploration, and the statistical inquiries.

Gary C. Ramseyer

Homepage of the Illinois State University emeritus professor with specialty in statistics and measurement. Presents an article offering insights on having fun with statistics, quiz, and statistics jokes.

Geoffrey Grimmett

Features information about the books and articles of the author. Includes teachings and probability seminars.

Hardwick, Janis

Features the author’s research interests and seminars attended. Includes a location and contact details.

Horrace, William C.

Presents courses, publications, and the author’s research areas. With related links and contact information.

Kelly, Frank

Contains the author’s brief biography, research interests, and teachings. With contact details.

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