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Math Statistics

Adaptive Designs

Exhibits the use of an algorithm based on the bandit theory for Adaptive Sampling experiments.

American Statistical Association

Group provides history, awards, educational resources, meeting and event calendar, online journals, and membership details.


Offering a graphical thesaurus, training program details, employer information, and related resources.

Chance Database Welcome Page

Information regarding Chance!, an organization that aims to teach readers and students how to use probability theory in analyzing news stories.

Douglas M. Hawkins

Includes bibliographies of papers on quality improvement, chemometrics and regression.

Entropy in Science

Links to books, journals and articles related to applications of the theory of entropy.

Free Statistics On The Web

Provides access to software in statistics and mathematics and their reviews.

Glossary of Statistical Terms

Includes definitions from Absolute Risk, ANOVA, kurtosis, and multiple regression to Z-score.

History of Statistics

University of York offers portraits of statisticians, life and work, bibliographies, and collections.

The Internet Glossary of Statistical Terms

Defines statistical terms arranged by alphabetical order and by learning order.

Medical Statistics at a Glance

Online companion to complement the book.


Table of contents of "Meta Analysis, The Handbook for the Understanding and Practice of Meta Analysis" by Gioacchino Leandro.

Modern Regression and Classification

Introduces Stanford University's Department of Statistics faculty, researches, technical reports and course offerings.

Power Analysis for ANOVA Designs

Generates a power analysis tabulation for one effect in ANOVA design given a specific effect size using a SAS program.

Research Randomizer

Program uses a Java Script random number generator to produce customized sets of random numbers for use in a variety of research situations.

Spatial Statistical Sites Source

Provides links to spatial statistics resources.

Statistical Computing Resources

UCLA Academic Technology Services offers packages, and related help.

Statistical Inference on the TI-83/86/89

Discusses solutions to problems on probability distributions, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, and correlation analysis using programs suited for the TI-83, TI-86, and TI-89 calculators.

Statistical Review

Provides a summary of formulas for mean, variance, covariance and correlation coefficient of random variables.

Statistical Science Web

Directory of statistics sites including groups, associations, teaching, publications, and computing resources.

Statistical Society of Canada

Information on annual meeting, announcements, and news.

Statistics Every Writer Should Know

Offers tips for writers and journalists on how to understand, use and interpret statistical concepts.

Statistics to Use

Programs and calculators that generate frequency distributions, measures of central tendency, tests and ANOVA.

Research statistics and statistical analysis directory.

Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Statistics

Provides interactive resources including expository text, applets, and an object library for students and teachers of probability theory.

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