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Math Calculator Software


Windows calculator software featuring real-time recalculations, unlimited memories, intuitive references, quick printing support, and the ability to add columns, descriptions, dates, and notes.

The Calculator Home Page

Collection of resources related to calculators for multiple platforms, for various applications.

DreamCalc Scientific Calculator

Scientific graphing calculator for Windows offering a full range of mathematical, scientific, statistical, and financial functions.


Multifunction calculator and conversion tool. Offers four modes of operation that enable the computation of complex statistical, trigonometric, and base-n conversion routines.

Fornux PowerCalc-GX

Scientific calculator and fast graphing utility with advanced logical, scientific, statistical, vector, and linear algebra operations.

Fraction Calculator and Cheat

Offers detailed computations of arithmetic operations involving fractions.


Advanced open source graphing calculator for Linux. Plots several types of 2D and 3D graphs.


Online graphing calculator designed to provide an easy-to-use set of functionalities for algebra, pre-calculus, and calculus.

Jason's Calculator

Free easy-to-use calculator that performs all kinds of conversions.

Offers a site of mathematics with a free math problem solver, calculators, articles, exercises, worksheets and more.

PG Calculator

Skinnable scientific calculator that works in algebraic and RPN mode. Recognizes real and complex numbers and performs simple vector manipulations.


Calculator and conversion tool that works on all Windows platforms. Generates real-time calculations while typing.

Quadratic Equation Calculator

Computes for unknowns in quadratic equations with user inputted values for A, B, C, X1, and X2.

sCal & sCal2

Scientific and engineering calculator offering several customizable unit conversions and procedures.


Freeware all-in-one scientific calculator capable of computing or analyzing expressions or program functions. Handles physical or chemical formulas and tables of constants.

Ultimate Date Calculator

Calculator program for business, government, and professional use. Downloadable trial and user manual provided.

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