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Math Tessellations

  • The 14 Different Types of Convex Pentagons that Tile the Plane

    Provides a thank you message to Branko Grunbaum for the assistance of the page. Includes the illustration of the types of pentagon.

  • Artlandia SymmetryWorks

    Presents all the products available, symmetry works, and shops. Includes user comments and purchasing details.

  • Bob - Penrose Tiling Generator and Explorer

    A Microsoft Windows program designed to produce and explore rhombic Penrose tiling comprising two types of rhombus which together form an infinite, aperiodic plane.

  • Catalogue of Isohedral Tilings

    Contains information of the list of authors, publications, and contact information. With details about the catalog of tilings.

  • Chaos Tiles

    Information about the chaos tiles, which are now on sale. Includes related links, purchasing information, and related links.

  • Discrete Plane Symmetry Groups

    Presents a question about where to find the derivation of 17 wallpaper groups. Includes exercises and references.

  • Escher Web Sketch

    Article by Nicolas Schoeni, Wes Hardaker and Gervais Chapuis, at The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), Switzerland.

  • The Geometry Junkyard: Tilings

    Shows connections purely on mathematics including operator K-theory, dynamical systems, and non-commutative geometry.

  • Grotesque Geometry

    Provides information about geometry, which includes symmetry, movement, and purpose. Includes a biography and related links.

  • Hans Kuiper

    Provides an article about the fascination in designing figures and patterns. Includes computer art inspired by Victor Vasarely.

  • Hyperbolic Tessellations

    Shows information about the regular tessellation of the hyperbolic plane. With some quasi regular tessellations of the hyperbolic plane.

  • KaleidoTile

    Presents a program based on the Geometry Center's tiling program on display at the St. Paul Science Museum. Includes downloadable software from the geometry center.

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