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Math Fibonacci Numbers

  • Extensions of the golden section and Fibonacci series

    Contains information about the basic arguments, questions from students to teachers, and some sample problems with solutions.

  • Fibonacci and Lucas Numbers

    Discusses the electrical equivalence of discrete lumped cascaded T sections. With information about the author.

  • Fibonacci Facts

    Contains information sheet on fibonacci numbers, references, and articles. With discussions of different topics.

  • Fibonacci Numbers

    Shows math problems and solutions, properties of the fibonacci sequence, and bibliography. With formulas and approaches in solving problems.

  • Fibonacci Numbers

    Shows an unconventional sports application of the Fibonacci numbers. Also includes information on the different topics in math.

  • Fibonacci Numbers Spelled Out

    Contains all derivations usually omitted by gurus and left for the reader to agonize over. Includes closed form expression and the characteristic polynomial approach.

  • Fibonacci Number-Theorists

    Shows a photo of math theorists, information about the related irrational number called the golden mean. With the recurrence sequences information.

  • The Life and Numbers of Fibonacci

    Features coding theories in the first 50 years, career interview, and staff room information. With news and archives.

  • Turing's Sunflowers

    Site serving as a tribute to Alan Turing, documenting an experiment that involves the growing of 3,000 sunflowers to collect data that would test the theories of Turing and other scientists.

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