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Math Polyominoes

Animal enumerations

Provides information about the animal enumerations on regular tilings in spherical, euclidean, and hyperbolic 2-dimensional spaces. With results and additional links.

Anna's Pentomino Page

Gives image of pentaminoes, description, links, and contact details.

Christopher Monckton's Eternity Puzzle

Information on how to learn more about eternity. With related links and ordering information.

Counting Horizontally Convex Polyominoes

Features information about the finite union of closed unit squares. Includes theorem proofs, remarks, and references.


Contents include story of the flexagon, maps and plans, new angles, and other field of discipline in mathematics. With acknowledgments.


Includes information on how to make a hexa-hexa-flexagon, illustrations, and details about the publishers of the books.


Provides online gallery of 223 games and puzzles seen in the net. With related links and contact details.

Gerard's Pentomino Page

Information about the basic set of pentomionoes consisting the twelve different pieces. Includes details about a book, which discusses about the topic concerned.

Golygons by Mathworld

Presents the different fields in math, which include algebra, applied mathematics, calculus and analysis, and discrete mathematics. With book ordering information.

Lego Pentominos

Provides an article from the author which tells about his fascination in math. Includes a picture working with the puzzle pieces.

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