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Math Games and Puzzles

  • AIMS Puzzle Corner

    Provides over 100 interesting puzzles that can help students learn to enjoy puzzles and mathematics. With workshops and activities.

  • Algebraic Math Puzzles

    Devotes to math teachers, students, and lovers of math puzzles. Includes problems and solutions.

  • Alien Tiles

    Provides contest and reader comments, feedback, and contact details. With information on how to do puzzle works.

  • Alphametic Puzzles

    Information about the type of puzzle where words are put together into an arithmetic formula. With contact information and alphametics pages.

  • Brain Teasers and Math Puzzles

    Contains the ever growing list of brain teasers and math puzzles. With downloads and registration information.

  • Brain Teasers by QBrute

    Contains puzzles, related links, and biography. With contact information.

  • The Contest Center

    Information about the classic puzzles and riddles that require only simple logic. With biography and contact details.

  • Cryptarithms

    Number puzzles which replace digits with symbols. Find rules and links to other cryptarithm sites.

  • Downloadable and online games

    Includes powerful magic tricks, puzzle games, and online flash games. With contact information.

  • Free Puzzle Collections

    Provides valuable contents to educators and young learners. With contact information and related links.

  • Math Magic By Computer

    Contains group games and author's information. With problems and solutions.

  • Number Gossip

    Unique information offered on the properties of numbers by simply entering a number into the search box.

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