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Recreational Math


Features Math utilities and a document presenting an attempt to solve Kepler's Equation of Elliptical Motion due to Gravity.

Critical Math

Shows the lesser-known cousins of magic squares. Includes sequence and pearls, contact details, and related links.


Explores some techniques of probability, and permutations and combinations. Includes online math lessons.

The Diamond 16 Puzzle

Presents finite geometries which underlie some remarkable symmetries of graphic designs. Includes related web pages.

Fair Dice

Contains a complete list of all possible Fair Dice. With ordering information and links.

Fantasy Sports and Mathematics

Information and resources on the benefits of fantasy sports in math education. Presents testimonials and sample problems.

Fast Arithmetic Tips

Provides books of logical puzzles and revealing stories. Includes sites for parents and teachers.

Geometric Packing Problems

Contains short list of notes produced in preparation for mathematics and computer club talks. With references and examples.


Includes discussions of the different majors in math. With information about various mathematical figures.


Shows different shapes made from equilateral triangle. Includes ordering information and related links.

MAT 007 I News

Provides the best mathematics programs for undergraduates in North America and has been the main training ground for Canadian mathematicians. Includes events and research studies.

Math in the Movies

Provides an interview with Math in the Movies and some sound clips of math scenes from National Public Radio. With newsletters and contact information.

Mathematical Lego Sculptures

Provides information on the outputs including various sizes of mobius strip, a trefoil knot, eight knot figure, and catalan minimal surface. With FAQs and contact information.

Nicks Mathematical Puzzles

A collection of puzzles, with hints, solutions, and links to related mathematical topics.

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