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Probability Mathematician Biographies

  • Borel

    Presents a biography of the author. Also shows information on the list of references and some quotations.

  • Cantelli

    Presents the author's biography, with his contribution to the theory of probability. Also shows a list of references.

  • Caratheodory

    Provides a discussion on calculus of variations, the theory of point set measure, and some functions of a real variables.

  • Doob

    Provides information about the author. With some articles and a list of references.

  • Dynkin

    Presents a background information about the author. Also shows books and article information.

  • Fatou

    Shows a discussion on the differential equations, a list of references, and some history topics.

  • Fubini

    Provides the author's study on harmonic functions. Includes other related subjects and contact information.

  • Ito

    Presents a list of books published and some articles. With a background information of the author.

  • Kolmogorov

    Contains the author's study on the motion of the planets and the turbulent flow of air from a jet engine. With related links.

  • Lebesgue

    Provides the author's definition of the Lebesgue integral that generalizes the notion of the Riemann integral. Includes a list of the elected scientists.

  • Levy, Paul

    Provides some notions of calculus of probabilities. With the author's biography and contact details.

  • Markov

    Shows the author's achievements and a list of his references. With some related links.

  • Radon

    Shows the author's contribution to calculus of variations, differential geometry, and measure theory. Includes a list of references and contact details.

  • Stieltjes

    Highlights the author's studies on the branches of analysis, continued fractions, and number theory. With a list of references and related links.

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