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Advanced Technology Council in Mathematics

With announcement of events and conferences, and links to publication, education, content and resources.

African Mathematical Union or Union Mathematique Africaine (UMA)

African equivalent of the International Mathematical Union. Includes history, activities and link to publications.

American Mathematical Society

Includes news, calendar of events, publications and tools and other areas of interest.

Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM)

Nonprofit organization created to encourage women in studying and having careers in the field of mathematical sciences. Also seeks to ensure equal opportunity for women in mathematics.

Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences

With news, history, and links to conferences, job center, and the computer science subgroup.

Australian Mathematical Society (AustMS)

Includes information on the society, its publications and conferences.

Austrian Mathematical Society

European Mathematical Society member promotes mathematics in Austria, with background, history, publications, news, and membership.

Belgian Mathematical Society (BMS)

Includes announcements, newsletter, history and member information.

Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society

For individuals in the industrial, mathematical, scientific and technological circles within and outside Canada. With links to publications, news and events and member privileges.

Canadian Mathematical Society

Seeks to promote discovery, learning, and application of mathematics, with history, membership, education, events, and publications.

Canterbury Mathematical Association

Supports and encourages mathematics education in the Canterbury region of New Zealand. Includes background, Cantamath, and professional links.

Council for African and Americans in the Mathematical Sciences

Provides history and links to conferences.

Council for the Mathematical Sciences

Providing a forum for the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA), the London Mathematical Society (LMS), and the Royal Statistical Society (RSS).

Czech Mathematical Society

Support section of Union of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists offers background, membership, documents, news, activities, and related links.

ERCIM: European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics

Advances collaboration and cooperation in the European research community. Includes background, activities, publications, news, and members.

Euler Society

Devoted to the study of the life, times, and work of Leonhard Euler (1707 - 1783).

European Mathematical Society (EMS)

Provides information on activities, newsletter, upcoming meetings, membership, projects, and links to literature databases and electronic library.

International Association for Cryptologic Research (IARC)

Non-profit scientific organization whose purpose is to further research in cryptology and related fields. With links to conferences and workshops.

International Association for Mathematical Geology

Promoting international cooperation in the application and use of mathematics in geological research and technology. With links to news, publications, membership, events, and other services.

International Association of Mathematical Physics

Open to mathematicians and physicists, including students. Includes links to news bulletins, membership, dues information and conferences.

International Biometric Society

Promotes statistical and mathematical theory development and application in biosciences, with background, meetings, membership, and publications.

International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education

Group of researchers, affiliated with the ICME. With links to news, publications and activities.

International Mathematical Union (IMU)

International non-governmental and non-profit scientific organization, with the purpose of promoting international cooperation in mathematics. Includes links to publications, activities and members.

International Mathematical Union: Commission for Developing Countries

Attends to the mathematical needs of developing and disadvantaged countries. Shares history, grants, programs, links, and partners.

International Quantum Structures Association

Society for the advancement and dissemination of structures based on quantum mechanics, in its physical, mathematical, philosophical, applied and interdisciplinary aspects.

International Society for Bayesian Analysis (ISBA)

Includes links to news, publications, meetings, membership, archives and resources.

International Society for Mathematical Sciences (ISMS)

Information on the association, publications, research meetings and news available in Japanese.

International Society for the Arts, Mathematics, and Architecture (ISAMA)

Provides information on conferences, history and membership in the organization. Also includes links to publications, games and graphics.

International Society of Dynamic Games (ISDG)

Includes history of the organization, and links to membership, meetings, publications, mailing list, Russian chapter and news and events.

International Society of Dynamic Games (Russian Chapter)

Provides links to news, photos, publications, conferences and innovation.

International Statistical Institute (ISI)

Links to news, calendar of events, publications and membership details.

Israel Mathematical Union (IMU)

Provides general information, and links to directory of members and mathematicians in Israel, meetings, and lectures.

Janos Bolyai Mathematical Society

Includes links to news and events, conferences, membership, competitions, periodicals and contact information.

Kurt Gödel Society

International organization fosters research in logic, philosophy, and mathematics history, related to Gödel's contributions. Includes background, news, activities, and biography.

Mathematical Association of America (MAA)

Offers information on the association, membership, programs, columns and publications.

Mathematical Association of Victoria

Includes information on membership, and links to curriculum resources, publications, and student activities.

Mathematical Programming Society

Information on past and upcoming events, publications and membership.

Mathematics Foundation of America

Non-profit organization, whose purpose is to administer the Canada/USA Mathcamp. With link to programs.

Member Societies and Institutional Members of the European Mathematical Society

Listing of members of the EMS. Includes addresses and contact information.

Moscow Mathematical Society

With links to conferences, photographs and publications.

National Association of Mathematicians

Non-profit professional organization aiming for the promotion of the mathematical development of underrepresented American minorities. Focuses on mathematics education, professional and career development, scholarly productivity, student development and databases.

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Includes news, and information on the organization, membership, conferences and events.

Project Euclid

A non-profit community-driven partnership of libraries, publishers and scholars in theoretical and applied mathematics and statistics. projecteuclid

Psychometric Society

International nonprofit professional organization devoted to the advancement of quantitative measurement practices in psychology, education, and the social sciences.

Singapore Mathematical Society

Includes news, membership information, programmes, publications, and links to other organizations.

Slovak Mathematical Society

Section of the Union of Slovak Mathematicians and Physicists. Also includes links to documents, members, conferences, journals and contact details.

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Through publications, research, and community, the organization aims to build cooperation between mathematics and the worlds of science and technology.

Society for Mathematical Biology

With announcement of meetings, and links to membership, publications, education, resources, and job listings.

Southeast Asian Mathematical Society (SEAMS)

Promotes collaboration and advancement of mathematics in the region, with history, member societies, council, news, archives, and links.

St. Petersburg Mathematical Society

Offers news and information on meetings, conferences, math jobs and membership. Includes a forum and a student and a school page.

Swiss Mathematical Society

Edits two journals, the Commentarii Mathematici Helvetici and the Elemente der Mathematik. Includes history and affiliations.

Theta Foundation

Non-profit organization promoting mathematical knowledge in Romania and worldwide. With news, publications and other services.

Web Math Collaboration (WMC)

Federation of mathematical websites with similar goals and principles, to promote mathematics on the Internet, on the scope of knowledge, instruction and research. Available in English and French.

Young Mathematicians Network (YMN)

With latest news, and links to undergrad life, job search, career, work and family, teaching, research, and related links.

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