Numerical Analysis Math Software in the Best of the Web Directory

Numerical Analysis Math Software

  • Addix.Spline

    Generates a wide variety of spline curves by adding a number of additional functions. Includes downloads and documentations.

  • The Algae Programming Language

    Caters interesting problems in aerospace and related fields. Includes FAQs and related links.

  • Astronomical Image Processing System

    Provides a definition on the subject, current releases, and documentations. With related software.

  • Astronomy and Numerical Source Codes

    Contains engineering applications including the computation of the electrical self inductance of various shapes and sizes of air core coils.

  • Boundary Element Method

    Highlights a technique in the computational solution of engineering or scientific problems. With resources and product information.

  • Decision Tree for Optimization Software

    Identifies ready to use solutions for the users' optimization problem. Includes test cases and benchmarks.

  • FreeFEM

    Includes the materials for the free FEM software. With some downloadable samples and news updates.

  • Freely Available Software for the Solution of Linear Algebra Problems

    Contains a list of freely available software for the solution of linear algebra problems. With tables and notes.

  • GNU Octave

    Shows numerical computations and provides a convenient command line. With current news.

  • GNU Octave Repository

    Contains the source for all the functions plus build and install scripts. Includes related links.

  • HSL Archive

    Collects ISO Fortran codes for large scale scientific computation written by members of the Numerical Analysis Group and other experts. With multi-method libraries and sites.

  • Jean-Pierre Moreau's Home Page

    Provides information about the numerical analysis. Includes author's biography.

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