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Number Theory Tables

Algorithmic Number Theory: Tables and Links

Shows tables of solutions and other information concerning Diophantine equations. With related links.

Algorithms for Solving Index Form Equations and Computing Power Integral Bases

Presents a description of algorithm, list of results, and tables of numerical data. With information on cubic and quartic fields.

Database of Local Fields

Furnishes complete tables of low degree field extensions, with supporting papers. Includes interactive features.

Dedekind Zeta Functions

Provides explanation on how the values are calculated. With examples in calculating the minimal polynomial.

Enumeration of Twin Primes and Brun's Constant

Discussion includes the enumeration of the twin primes, and the sum of their reciprocals. Also shows the tables of values and references.

Fermat Near-misses

Presents tables on rational points near curves and small nonzero via lattice reduction. With the table for Hall's conjecture.

The First 498 Bernoulli Numbers

Information includes the download of the preferred alternate sites. With a list of the sites.

Imaginary Quadratic Fields

Shows tables of the imaginary quadratic fields with even class numbers and the odd class numbers.

Number Fields with Prescribed Ramification

Features tables of number fields of low degree that are ramified at only a few small primes. Includes related links.

The Positive Integers

Provides an online form which contains the divisors of and additional information about any positive integer. With the table lists of the basic properties of addition and multiplication for any integers.

Practical Numbers

Features articles on practical numbers. Also presents a table of twin and triplets practical numbers.

Pseudoprimes and Carmichael Numbers

Provides examples, lecture notes in computer science, and preprints. Also shows the author's information.

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