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Math Number Theory Software


Shows a tool in computing aliqout chains with small starting numbers. Also presents downloads and other internet resources.


Information about the arbitrary precision arithmetic package. Includes a list of known bugs and issues.


Provides an interactive interpreter for big integer arithmetic. With recently added features and downloads.


Includes the use of arbitrary precision integer arithmetic. With a list of functions and a bibliograhy.


Features the regular operations of language including arithmetic, logic and bitwise operations, operations of comparison, and shift operations.

CLN - Class Library for Numbers

Shows a library of all kinds of numbers in arbitrary precision. With a mailing list and a documentation.

Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences Seeker

Information includes project details, latest news, and mailing lists. Includes downloads, forums, and documentation.


Provides details on factorization and prime number program. With a price and ordering information.


Provides a language that supports arbitrary precision integer arithmetic calculations. Also shows downloads and contact details.

Java PHASER Project

Presents a graphically and numerically analyzing dynamical system on a computer. With related links and contact details.


Contains a discussion on algebraic number theory. Includes the main features of the current releases.

Multiprecision Software Directory

Shows software and documentation of the five zipped tar files. With contact information.

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