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Number Theory Books

A Computational Introduction to Number Theory and Algebra

Introduces basic concepts from computational number theory and algebra, including all the necessary mathematical background. With reviews and downloads.

A Friendly Introduction to Number Theory

Provides information on some numerical and computer exercises. With number theoretic sites and contact details.

Algorithmic Number Theory

Presents a book on algorithmic number theory and the design and analysis of algorithms for problems from the theory of numbers. With a bibliography.

Collected Papers of Sarvadaman Chowla

Shows profile of Sarvadaman Chowla. Contains valuable source of problems, conjectures, and new ideas for all the mathematicians.

Discovering Number Theory

Provides information of the textbooks and their authors. Includes course basics and math laboratory materials.

eBooks in Number Theory

Includes information about the various topics in math. With electronic books of finance, economics, and business.

Sphere Packing, Lattices and Groups

Information includes a list of book editions. With quotes from reviews and ordering details.

Taming Wild Extensions

Provides a definition of the Galois module theory. Also presents the two equivalent characterizations of tameness.

The Third Edition of the Cunningham Book

Contains an electronic book published as contemporary mahtematics. Also shows a link to view the full version of the book.

Voronoi's Impact on Modern Science

Contains a collection of research papers. With the contents of the book including history, mathematics, and applications in natural sciences.

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