Perfect Numbers Factoring in the Best of the Web Directory

Perfect Numbers Factoring

Amicable Numbers

Explains distributions, observations and calculations of friendly numbers, with details on Harshad and Happy pairs.

Catalan Conjecture - Aliquot Sequences

Contains definition, tables, diagrams, databases and links. With factorization of integers and list of programs, projects and records.

Christophe Clavier - Aliquot Sequences

Carries out table on statistics and all open ending sequences.

Multiply Perfect Numbers

Contains table on status and historical development of known MPN, and explanation of data and algebraic transformations.

Paul Zimmermann - Aliquot Sequences

Contains definition and investigation on sequences, with tools and table on current status.

Perfect Number - Wolfram MathWorld

Illustrates computation, definition and table with corresponding indices.

Wieb Bosma - Aliquot Sequences

Explains the Catalan-Dickson conjecture, related methods, and status summary of computation.

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