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Diophantine Equations Number Theory

Bibliography on Hilbert's Tenth Problem

Information includes the author's biography, original source, and a graph on the distribution of publication dates.

Diagonal Quartic Surfaces

Contains downloadable programs and data. Also shows the implementation of the various algorithms.

Diophantine m-tuples

Features a set of four positive rationals, with their properties. Includes various generalizations and references.

The Erdos-Strauss Conjecture

Presents a table of values having a link to a larger table and related comments. Includes links to software source code.

Hilbert's Tenth Problem

Promotes research connected with the negative solution of Hilbert's Tenth Problem. Also contains galleries, history, and a bibliography.

Hilbert's Tenth Problem

Provides history of the problem and story of the solution. With examples and solutions to sample problems.

Pell's Equation

Shows other methods in computing fundamental solution. Includes a table depicting a current complete list of record holders.

Rational and Integral Points on Higher-dimensional Varieties

Features some conjectures and open problems concerning rational and integral points on higher dimensional varieties. With photos and lecture notes.

Rational Triangles

Provides definition, a discussion on the kinds of triangles, related links, and tables.

Thue Equations

Provides a discussion on diophantine equations, thue equations, and the parametrized thue equations.

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