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Math Logic and Foundations Set Theory

  • Axiom of Choice

    Includes introduction by Eric Schechter of Vanderbilt University, and links to related websites.

  • Bounded Set Theory

    Includes definition, links to publications, experimental implementation on LISP, and illustrating examples.

  • Cantorb

    Provides basic information and proof to the theorem using the diagonalization argument.

  • Continuum Hypothesis

    By Nancy McGough, with overview; assumptions, stlye and terminology; and mathematics and philosophy of the continuum hypothesis.

  • Crash Course in the Mathematics of Infinite Sets

    By Peter Suber of Earlham College. Includes definitions and discussion of theorems.

  • History of Set Theory

    Article written by J J O'Connor and E F Robertson.

  • New Foundations

    First introduced by W.V.O. Quine in 1937, the set theory is a refinement of Russell's theory of types. Includes links to papers in postscript or LaTeX.

  • Set Theoretic Analysis

    With definition, surveys, abstracts and preprints, list of conferences, problems, and book reviews.

  • Set Theory

    Taken from Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

  • Set Theory for the Working Mathematician

    Link to book written by Krzysztof Ciesielski.

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