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Math Logic and Foundations Research

  • Australian National University - Automated Reasoning Group

    Part of the Research School of Information Science and Engineering of the ANU. Research involves non-classical logics, the algorithms for reasoning in various systems, and applications of logical reasoning in Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering.

  • Ben Gurion University of the Negev - Mathematical and Computational Logic Group

    Conducts research in set theory, model theory, general topology, Boolean algebras, and in theoretical computer science, concurrency, logic programming and lambda calculus.

  • Constraint Satisfaction and Optimisation Research Group

    Conducts basic and applied research on satisfiability and discrete optimization problems through constraint and Boolean satisfiability, logic programming, and knowledge reasoning techniques.

  • CUNY Logic Workshop

    Research forum for mathematical logicians of New York and invited speakers.

  • Kurt Gödel Research Center for Mathematical Logic

    University of Vienna research center. Presents news, address and contact details, and teaching and curricula information.

  • Laboratory of Mathematical Logic at PDMI

    Provides news along with information on the laboratory's activities, staff, and seminars.

  • The Leeds Logic Group

    Research in computability theory, model theory, set theory and foundations, proof theory, and in applications to algebra, analysis and theoretical computer science.

  • Logic and Computation at Penn

    University of Pennsylvania research group made up of faculty and graduate students. Site provides information on associated projects and participants.

  • Oxford Mathematical Logic Group

    Conducts research on geometric stability theory, model theory of fields, and o-minimal structures.

  • Stanford Logic Group

    Multidisciplinary research group under the Stanford University Computer Science Department. Provides details on projects, meetings, and participating faculty, staff, and students.

  • UCLA Logic Center

    Facility created to foster teaching and research in all areas of mathematical and philosophical logic. Organizes scientific meetings and supports graduate students, faculty, and visitors.

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