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Math Logic and Foundations Foundations

Century of Controversy over the Foundations of Mathematics

Focuses on foundations of mathematics, discusses connections with physics, and proposes a program of research for the next century. Talk delivered by Greg Chaitin at the Umass-Lowell in 1999.

Foundations of Mathematics

Automated e-mail list for discussing foundations of mathematics. Subscriptions and postings upon approval of the moderator.

Foundations of Mathematics Textbook/Reference

Resource center organized as a book as opposed to an encyclopedia, dictionary, directory, or link collection.

Hilbert II

Forming a free, worldwide mathematical knowledge base that contains mathematical theorems and proofs in a formal correct form. Project is in tradition of Hilbert's program.


Includes links to download system, Journal Formalized Mathematics, list of conferences, and mathematical library.

Practical Foundations of Mathematics

Collects the methods of construction of the objects of twentieth century mathematics. With instructions on how to order copy.

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